OBE is a careless experiment

Implementing OBE was a careless experiment.

Implementing OBE was a careless experiment.

In 2004, Education Minister Naledi Pandor said: "The enterprise we oversee is education. It is life changing if handled properly and destructive if abused by careless experimentation."

Now four years later, it is our responsibility to ask whether Pandor and her party are guilty of "careless experimentation?"

OBE was ill-considered and naive. We have seen failure by the apartheid regime and failure by the ANC government, but OBE is post-apartheid failure at its worst. OBE produces pupils who cannot read, write or communicate in English.

Principals and teachers are shocked by the OBE monster. They do not know what they are doing and workshops will not teach them the necessary skills. The only difference between teacher and pupil is that the teacher is paid at the end of the month, but they are both pupils.

The matric pass rate of 62,5percent is cause for concern. Even those who passed will find it difficult to secure jobs in a market that is understandably hostile to unskilled school leavers. OBE guinea pigs will not secure jobs. The ANC endorsed a careless experiment and Pandor can try to justify the results, but it is futile. Please resign.

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