SABC needs civil defiance

In a letter to Sowetan on December 29 last year SABC spokesman Kaizer Kganyago denied that the national broadcaster never covers PAC and Azapo indabas.

He tried to substantiate this by saying the SABC covered the PAC breakaway group because it was newsworthy. I can't believe that Kganyago wrote such twaddle.

At issue is SABC TV's failure to cover indabas of two former liberation movements and not breakaway groups coupled with the irrelevant stuff and gibberish that Kganyago penned.

How does a patently tendentious news organisation such as SABC TV determine the newsworthiness of PAC events?

It is an open secret that the ruling elite, whose lapdog Kganyago is, influences the national culture and decides the national agenda and what is newsworthy.

By the same token Cope gets copious coverage because, for whatever reasons, members of the ruling elite do not want Jacob Zuma and his hangers-on to form the next government.

Kganyago also said it was unacceptable for the PAC to incite citizens not to pay TV licences.

If the PAC incited citizens not to pay because in its view SABC bigwigs illegally use it to deny the PAC coverage, that course of action would be called civil disobedience.

And civil disobedience in the face of the haughtiness of the likes of Kganyago is acceptable.

Sam Ditshego, Gauteng