Israel should be treated like apartheid SA

Israel's attacks on Palestinian civilians in Gaza is out of order.

Israel's attacks on Palestinian civilians in Gaza is out of order.

It happens amid the illegal occupation of Palestine and daily human rights abuses against Arabs in east Jerusalem, the West Bank and Bethlehem by the well-armed Israeli military forces.

The international community continues its rhetoric against Israel's despicable behaviour but takes no meaningful action against this outlaw regime.

The recent attacks happened when Hamas and Israel were to go back to negotiations. Both should take the blame for the death of civilians on both sides.

Israel should take responsibility for the already bad humanitarian crisis as a result of its blockade of Gaza, its refusal to let aid in, the cutting of power and damaging of infrastructure.

Israel has created one big prison in Gaza. They say they went in to attack Hamas but they dislike Palestinians who they have oppressed for more than 60 years.

The latest action was taken to impress voters since elections are due next month. Unjust and immoral as it is, Israeli politicians show no remorse and continue killing civilians.

The world should isolate Israel diplomatically and impose economic sanctions on it. Apartheid South Africa was cowed by such measures and Zionist Israel should be given the same treatment.

Folathela Botipe,East Jerusalem