Thumbs down for results blackout

LET DOWN: Katleho Tsilite.  30/12/2008. Pic. Bafana Mahlangu.  © Sowetan.
LET DOWN: Katleho Tsilite. 30/12/2008. Pic. Bafana Mahlangu. © Sowetan.

Ntwaagae Seleka, Penwell Dlamini

Ntwaagae Seleka, Penwell Dlamini

Parents have reacted angrily towards the Department of Education's decision not to give matric results to newspapers before they are released at schools.

Ntombi Malefane, 47, of Dobsonville, Soweto, said : "How can the ANC government expect us to vote for them if they are doing this to us?

"I woke up early and bought a newspaper hoping to see my niece's name and was disappointed when the results were not there."

Johannes Diale said he was shocked by the decision.

"As parents we want to see how our children have fared," Diale said.

Nomsa Dube, 34, of Eldorado Park, said: "What they did was wrong. People were expecting to see their children's names on paper. But for pupils who are suicidal, it was good."

Katleho Tsilete, 22, of Orange Farm, Vaal, said: "Publishing the results motivated pupils to work harder. I am still waiting to see my four friends' names in the newspapers."

"The decision has killed the excitement and hype we used to enjoy," said Rudolph Scheepers of Klipspruit West, Soweto.

John Petersen, of Ennerdale, agreed : "Parents could open a newspaper even when on holiday and see the results."

John Goodman said: "The media is a way of communication. People want to see results, whether their child failed or not."