Look after your kids, parents warned

Namhla Tshisela

Namhla Tshisela

Many children get injured or disappear over the festive season because of poor supervision, concerned groups have warned.

Missing Children SA (MCSA) has urged parents to always watch their children carefully, especially at beaches, during the days leading up to New Year's Day.

MCSA spokesman Pieter Boshoff said holiday-makers flock to beaches on these days, making it easier for children to go missing.

"People go to beaches in their thousands, making it is easy for children to get lost," said .Boshoff.

"It also makes it easy easy for predators to abduct children. Parents are in a festive mood and don't always know where their children are."

Superintendent Stephanus van Deventer of the Bureau for Missing Persons said 86 children had been reported missing since the beginning of the festive season.

Childsafe spokesman Sebastian van As said an increase in accidents on the roads and at home and burns were reported in December because children were often left on their own.

Van As said 920 children were injured in Western Cape in December last year, compared with 500 in June.