New trends for new year

Zenoyise Madikwa

Zenoyise Madikwa

A new year heralds new lifestyle trends, so we have done all the leg work for you and put together a list of 2009's biggest fashion trends.


According to stylist Isaac Malinga, in 2009 fashion will get a little more revealing, especially in summer. There will be a lot of sheer, see-through clothes. Malinga says clothes are a mixture of soft and feminine.

H Dresses are single-shouldered or off-the-shoulder. Tops and bikinis and asymmetric shoulder-lines are also big in 2009.

Showing off one shoulder in a dress can be subtly sexy.

H The butterfly takes over from the star as the motif of choice next year. But stylists warn about falling into the trap of glitz, bling and kitsch.

H Women who hit the gym next year will expose their tummies.

H The year 2009 will also see young guys showing off their chests. Deep-V T-shirts are going to be the bane of men's fashion trends.

H Bikinis will be one-shoulder and monokinis

H Ripped jeans are back next year. We'll see a lot of torn denim shorts and shredded jeans.

H Metallic colours give way to earthy and subdued colours.

H Skirts, coats and accessories will have feathers galore.

H This year 2009 will see folk-inspired fringed boots, square-toe heels, sexed-up Mary-Janes and exotic reptile leathers.


Next year is all about making skin look like it has barely been touched, to emphasise beautiful eye make-up or strong lip make-up.

It will focus on sultry, smoky eyes, romantic pastels, and flawless foundation.

H Say goodbye to thick, heavy eyebrows and harsh liquid liner. Next year's eye make-up is all about softness with a touch of fantasy. Completing the softer, doe-eyed look is a pair of false eyelashes. Eyebrows are softer and more natural.

H For blush, 2009 make-up brings soft peaches, roses, and pastel plums. Textures are sheer and lightweight to make them appear that the glow is from within. Gone are the bronzes and heavy browns.

H Lipstick is the nude and pale lip colour of the 1960s. Lip gloss is still hot in 2009, but only to add shine. Glitter, sparkles and heavy pigment is no longer in style next Spring.

H An optimistic colour range will feature in faux monochromes. Raspberry reds, burgundy, cool blues, purples and split pea. Livened up with flashy and bright accents originating from active sport.


H Messenger bags, large or small, will be worn as a necklace; smoked eye wear; Oxford shoes; strapped, chunky stilettos; driving gloves; quilted bags; folded eiderdown-style bags and articulated backpacks.

H Pared-down belts; moon boots; shockproof trainers; ergonomic ballet slippers; sandals and chunky socks.

H In 2009, jewellery is all about making a statement whether it is a necklace, a bangle or a cocktail ring. From ethnic beading, to exotic stones, to avant-garde pieces, one thing is constant: Big and bold.

Food trends

With a deepening recession, and a fine-dining culinary culture that sometimes veers into the impossibly surreal, soberness rules the food world too.

Next year will see a return of families cooking together and eating at home more than they have in decades.

There is a premium on high-quality, seasonal ingredients that provide good value and an emphasis on simple food for the people, by the people.

Trends in furniture next year is comfort. Furniture will be comfortable and functional, yet elegant. More and more people are interested in creating a personal refuge that is chic, peaceful, inviting and easy to maintain so that they can relax and unwind at the end of a busy day in an aesthetically-pleasing environment.

Gorgeous collision of differing, and at times clashing, design styles give birth to new artistic interpretations of design. Mixed media layered "mosaics" are also gaining popularity in artwork, textiles, décor and furniture - a nod to the craftsman or artisan influence on design for 2009.

H For bedding, organic linens and silken luxury bedding make a strong debut in the eco-bedding category.

H An overall trend towards contemporary furniture with increasing focus on classic furniture reinterpreted in refreshingly sophisticated modern style and mixing contemporary and classic pieces to create a timeless, elegant interior environment.