Epidemic toll rises

Frank Maponya

Frank Maponya

Cholera is taking its toll on villagers - and causing fear and uncertainty - in Burgersfort, Limpopo.

The disease has so far claimed eight lives in the province.

The Dilokong Hospital near Burgersfort has recorded the highest number of casualties.

The disease was diagnosed in the area last week after a number of villagers fell ill and were treated.

They were believed to have contracted the disease from the Tubatse and Steelpoort rivers in the area.

Provincial health department spokesman Phuti Seloba said 40 people were admitted to Dilokong yesterday and ten of them were new cases.

He said there were also ten new cases in Musina yesterday, but " only ten patients were admitted to the local hospital, including only a few from the new cases".

In Botlokwa, nine new cases were recorded and there were already 22 patients admitted to the hospital.

"We wish those still in health institutions a speedy recovery so they can enjoy Christmas like everybody else," said Seloba.

He said they had also decided to deploy more health officials in the Burgersfort area in order to deal with the cholera situation.