Tills ring as shoppers ignore advice

Dudu Busani

Dudu Busani

It seems the good advice that you must use your bonus to pay off your debts is falling on deaf ears.

Tills continue to ring non-stop with shoppers contending with children who will not take "no" for an answer.

Maponya Mall, the newest attraction for millions of Soweto residents, is in chaos.

If you don't get bumped by a piled-up trolley while watching a feisty toddler causing a scene over a toy a shopper cannot afford, you are lucky.

Gift Mazibuko, manager of Toys R Us, said that during the festive season shoppers spend a lot of money on toys.

"The festive season is always hectic but this year, it's gone to another level. We've had to make frequent trips to collect stock because everything is selling fast.

"People are buying things that we previously did not sell such as inflatable swimming pools and jumping castles," he said.

Mazibuko said their best-selling items are remote-controlled cars, PlayStations, dolls and bicycles. The cars and PlayStations cost between R1000 and R2000.

He said out of an estimated 500 people who come to the shop a day, 75percent of them paid in cash and the rest used credit cards.

Thando Makhanya, 3, is a little man with the best strategy. Instead of asking his father Mzwandile for the R1400 toy car, he just jumped into it and refused to move.

"I came here for a bicycle and that's what he is getting. The car is nice and I wouldn't mind buying it for him because it's Christmas time, but we came here for a bicycle," said the young father before ordering the determined toddler to get out of the car.

Farhaan Mottiar's family owns a bridal shop at Oriental Plaza, but come December, they expand their business by setting up a fireworks stand just outside the door.

"The fireworks are selling like hot cakes. People are preparing for New Year's Eve and by buying now, they will avoid the rush after Christmas," said the shopkeeper Subhan Mohamed.

Another shopowner at the plaza who sells only leather jackets said his business was booming, regardless of the fact that it's summer time.

Woolworths Stores said their customers were so big on gifts that during this season the store tries to accommodate them.

Their exclusive range of fragrances and colour cosmetics are just some of the key favourites in their beauty department.

"In addition gift sets have benefited from customers' focus on value - for instance exclusive to Woolworths," the store said.