Good fun for older ones

Parents' quality time tips for older kids

Parents' quality time tips for older kids

l Fly a Kite - kites are cheap and kids love them. Stay clear of power lines and enjoy.

l Hangman (a spelling game) - this is a fun way to work on spelling with kids without them realising it.

l House of Cards (a type of informal social report-back session) - hard but fun and offers a good opportunity to talk with your child.

l Beading - both boys and girls can have fun stringing beads.

l The ABC Game - great in cars. Start with finding something that begins with the letter A. First person to shout out an answer gets a point. Go all the way to Z. The person with the most points wins.

l I Spy - another car game. "I spy something Red." Then everyone has to guess what it is.

l Name that Tune - Hum a song and see if others can guess the name of the song.

l Musical Glasses - fill glasses with different levels of water. Either tap with a spoon or rub the rim with a wet finger to make sounds. See if you can play some tunes.

l Board Games - Trivial Pursuit for Kids, Life, Monopoly, Checkers, and Chess are great. Remember how much fun they were? Enjoy them with your kids!

l Charades - Think of a word and then act it out to have the rest of the group guess what the word is.

l Pictionary - You don't need the board game. Just divide into two groups. You pick a word from the dictionary and then draw pictures and the others try to guess what the word is. - Life Learning today