It was a snazzy affair

Bruce Fraser

Bruce Fraser

The Sowetan Women's Club has become synonymous with fine food, great fashion, interesting speakers and above all a vibe second to none.

Last Thursday evening was no different as 350 women packed the Indaba Hotel in Fourways, Johannesburg, for their year-end Christmas bash.

With new sponsors on board, including liquor brand Kahlua, guests were treated to a variety of cocktails to set the mood for the evening.

One young guest spelt out the attractions of the event for her. "I've travelled from Venda to be here tonight. I've come to learn, to meet people, to experience what it is like to meet so many successful black businesswomen," she said to warm applause.

It's moments like that which make this event so unique.

Sitting across the table from this young woman was a major player in the hospitality industry. Next to her was a representative from a top financial institution.

Welcoming the guests, Sowetan Women's Editor Khanyi Nkosi touched on the recent 16 Days of Activism Against Women and Child Abuse.

"It's not just those 16 days we should be proactive in combating abuse but every day of the year," said Nkosi.

"If we know of someone who is in an abusive relationship it is our duty to stand up for those affected. It is our duty to report the matter to those authorities who deal with such situations."

The main speakers for the evening were talk show host and television personality Noleen Maholwana-Sangqu and motivational speaker Doris Msibi.

Maholwana-Sangqu described her childhood and introduction into the world of TV but insisted the best bit of advice she ever received came from her father.

"He would insist I should read and I would spend hours in libraries learning about other countries and people.

"By the time I turned 23 and travelled overseas for the first time it was as if I had done the journey many times before, all because of the amazing learning power books possess."

With the speeches done and a lovely dinner polished off it was up to Afro-pop group Malaika to have the revellers jiving into the early hours of the morning.

I don't know how many made it to work on Friday, but who cares, it's Christmas!