Keep your feet perfect this summer

Tips to ensure lovely summer feet:

Tips to ensure lovely summer feet:

l Wear only sandals that fit. Toes should not hang over the front nor should heels spill over the back.

The width of your foot should be such that it does not "bulge" between the straps.

l Toe nails should either be perfectly polished (no chips) or nail polish-free.

l Scrub your heels at least once a week to reduce hard, yellow calluses.

l Shave the hairs off your toes if it is dark and visible.

l Never wear toe-reinforced hosiery with sandals.

l Have corns attended to. You can get great patches and ointments at your nearest pharmacy.

l Treat your feet regularly with a foot soak if you suffer from "smelly feet".

lWear the correct size shoes to keep your feet in good shape and as protection against developing ugly corns and callouses. If you have these treat them immediately.

l This is the last edition of the women's page for the year. We will resume again in January.