Facts about strange birds

Here are some interesting facts about birds:

Here are some interesting facts about birds:

The largest bird is the ostrich, which can grow to a height of 2,7m. Ostriches also lay the biggest eggs - weighing as much as 1,4kg.

Which bird holds the record as the fastest-running bird? Again it's the ostrich, which can reach speeds of 19kmh.

The hummingbird is the smallest bird at 6,2cm long and weighing about 1,6g. They also lay the smallest birds' eggs, which are about the size of a person's small fingernail.

The Ruppell's griffon vulture is the bird kingdom's highest flier. They can fly so high that one collided with an airplane off the Ivory Coast in 1973 at 11 278m.

The Hooded Pitohui (Pitohui dichrous, also called the "garbage bird") and the Ifrita (Ifrita kowaldi) from Papua, New Guinea, are the only known poisonous birds.

The poison is found in the birds' feathers and skin, and is most likely to come from some plant they eat. - enchantedlearning.com; wiki.answers.com; nationalgeographic.com