No IFP agenda in Macambini

The Inkatha Freedom Party has taken note of the report in Sowetan on December 8: "ANC youth slam chief."

The Inkatha Freedom Party has taken note of the report in Sowetan on December 8: "ANC youth slam chief."

In the report the ANCYL says the Macambini community is unwilling to agree to a R44billion development project on an alleged IFP agenda.

The facts of the impasse are public knowledge. Premier Sbu Ndebele is pushing ahead with the Ruwaad development project, while the community of Macambini has made it clear that they do not approve of the project that will force them off their land.

The residents were not consulted about the project before it was announced in the national media and they now live in fear of being forcibly removed from their ancestral land.

So IFP finds it totally laughable and mischievous of the ANCYL to claim that Inkosi KW Mathaba, when acting on the instructions of his traditional community, is deliberately obstructing the proposed development because of an IFP agenda.

This is just another classic example of how the ANC, which has failed the people of KwaZulu-Natal, is detracting from its own shortcomings ahead of the 2009 elections by blaming the Macambini impasse on the IFP.

The IFP has always advocated people-centred development that places the needs of people above those of self-serving politicians.

We can therefore unequivocally state that we do not have any political agenda to push in the this matter.

In fact, we encourage development - but as responsible leaders we do not believe that development should be achieved at the expense of the wellbeing of the people of this province.

Though Inkosi Mathaba is an IFP member of the provincial legislature he is in this particular case merely acting in the best interest of his people, who have not been given the respect they deserve by the premier.

The IFP can therefore confidently dismiss the ANCYL's comments as baseless and ill-informed and nothing more that irresponsible political rhetoric.

Musa Zondi,IFP secretary general