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All reports by Ramatsiyi Moholoa

All reports by Ramatsiyi Moholoa

The Local Organising Committee is happy that other African countries are beginning to reap the rewards of the 2010 World Cup legacy projects.

"Winning in Africa, with Africa" is a special programme initiated by Fifa and the LOC to ensure that soccer games are played on world-class facilities in 52 countries.

The programme was born soon after May 15 2004 when South Africa won the right to host the World Cup with a budget of $70 million.

It was also in support of a pledge by the South African Football Association during the bid that the event in 2010 will be an African World Cup.

"Win in Africa, with Africa" is aimed at developing the beautiful game, part of it including the formation of professionally run leagues to attract massive sponsorship.

Irvin Khoza, LOC chairman, said thee programme was already up and running with Fifa building new soccer facilities and upgrading existing ones on the continent.

"There will be 52 top level soccer pitches by 2010 in Africa. So far 28 have been constructed and 22 are under construction," Khoza said.

"Two countries are on tender, one of them Kenya because of political unrest. Fifa are presently conducting sports administration courses around Africa."

Khoza said they wanted to see African countries also benefitting from the opportunities presented by the 2009 Confederations Cup and World Cup.

"We were always clear that the 2010 World Cup is an African World Cup. The statements were not made only to strengthen our case."

The LOC, through the provincial governments, is working with various neighbouring countries on things like tourism, accommodation and hospitality.

As part of "Win in Africa, with Africa", Fifa will also train 300 African soccer writers next year.

The training, funded by Fifa, will be conducted by the AFP Foundation.