Killer mageu to be tested

Benson Ntlemo

Benson Ntlemo

Police have sent sample of home-brewed mageu for forensic tests in Pretoria after a man who drank it died.

Refos Gezani Mabasa from Halahala village near Malamulele died a week ago after drinking some mageu that was brewed and given to him by his wife Johanna.

After his death, allegations were levelled at his wife who reported the matter to the police.

Four people, including the local headman, were taken in for questioning but were released without being charged.

Yesterday police tried to calm a volatile situation caused by Mabasa's death with villagers demanding that his wife be banished from the village.

According to the dead man's sister, Maria Mphephu Chauke, Mabasa was found drinking mageu by his son Lawrence.

"After he gave his son some of the brew, Lawrence fell ill and was rushed to hospital after complaining of stomach pains," said Chauke.

Lawrence was treated and discharged.

Chauke claimed that Mabasa was left unattended with stomach pains for two days and died at home.

Lawrence confirmed that he had been given the brew by his late father.

Mabasa's wife confirmed that she gave the mageu to her husband.

"He did not drink it alone. I also drank it, as well as one of my sons, and we all fell ill," she said.