Get serious about saving power

Mhlaba Memela

Mhlaba Memela

The eThekwini municipality yesterday launched "Switch off, unplug and save 10 percent".

Consumers in the municipality only saved between 5 and 6 percent of Eskom's 10 percent target.

eThekwini officials say the campaign encourages residents and business to save electricity.

This will be done through education, creating awareness and encouraging everyone to do their bit to save electricity.

The awareness and education campaign will begin this weekend with artists performing at major shopping centres and events in key areas over the festive season.

Deputy mayor Logie Naidoo says: "We would like all consumers, residents and businesses to embrace this challenge and to pledge their support to saving 10 percent for the sustainable future of Durban.

"Worldwide energy consumption continues to grow at an alarming rate," Naidoo says. "It is time for the government, business and residents to take responsibility for their consumption.

"They should become smart consumers by conserving electricity where possible, seeking cleaner alternatives and acknowledging and addressing the negative effect of our chosen lifestyles."

The campaign will target heavy users who make up about 65000 households who use more than 1000kW a month and 40000 small business and commercial users.