Shangaans to celebrate 112 years in Bushbuckridge

Riot Hlatshwayo

Riot Hlatshwayo

The descendants of King Nghunghunyane are cleaning up the consecrated graves of the Ndwandwes in preparation for Saturday's celebrations of the arrival of the Shangaan people in Bushbuckridge 112 years ago.

The group was led yesterday by one of the king's descendants, Dilikani Nxumalo, otherwise known as Mafangayizwanga.

The graves are scattered around Mkhweyantaba in Sibambayane village near Thulamahashe in Mpumalanga.

They include the grave of King Mpisana, founder of the Nguni kingdom and the Bushbuckridge area he named after himself.

"This function will help the youth to retrace their Shangaan roots and know where they belong," Nxumalo said. "It is therefore our commitment to make sure that our kings are remembered."

He is the son of Mhlangana Nxumalo, the son of Mzangwendwa, who was the son of Mpisana himself.

Mpisana was the son of King Soshangane Nxumalo, who founded the Mpisana area after running away from Mozambique shortly after the death of King Nghunghunyane.

'When King Nghunghunyane was arrested in 1895 he handed the Royal Stick to Mpisana, who was his nephew," Nxumalo said.

Mpisana left for Bushbuckridge because he feared he was going to be "swallowed" by the Lebombo mountains.

A statue of the great warrior, King Nghunghunyane, was erected in Giyani a few years ago.

Chief Eric Mpisana Nxumalo is the current leader of the Shangaans in the area.