Justice Minister stands by his director-general

Anna Majavu

Anna Majavu

The director-general accused of being "arrogant", "condescending", inventing "baseless" lies and of trying to mislead the Ginwala commission of inquiry will not be fired - or suspended.

Justice Minister Enver Surty said he found Menzi Simelane to be "extremely hard working, very committed and passionate about his work in carrying out instructions in a way that will add value to the [Justice] ministry".

On Monday former speaker of parliament Frene Ginwala released the results of her commission of inquiry into Vusi Pikoli, former national director of prosecutions, who was fired on Monday.

She exonerated Pikoli, finding he was fit to hold office - but slammed Simelane, finding that "his conduct left much to be desired".

Speaking at a press conference in Pretoria yesterday, Surty said he had asked the public service commission to investigate his director-general - but that he would meanwhile remain at his post.

Ginwala found that Simelane had "invented allegations" against Pikoli that he was later forced to retract under cross-examination.

She also slammed his complaint that Pikoli had prevented him from merging the Scorpions and the special investigations unit - saying "only parliament" had the power to make such a decision.