In my dream all of humanity is victorious

I have a dream that one day all of humanity will jump in joyous celebration at the news that a cure for HIV has been found.

I have a dream that one day all of humanity will jump in joyous celebration at the news that a cure for HIV has been found.

In this dream, which I am certain I share not only with the 6 million people living with HIV but also with everyone else who remainS vulnerable to it, including children who, through no fault of their own, are born with compromised immune systems, it is not clear whether I will be part of those fortunate enough to receive this cure.

In this hopeful and heavenly dream, I see people of all races, creeds and colours , children of all shapes and sizes, grandmothers and uncles congratulating each other on their good fortune.

In this distant dream, I see Christians, Muslims and Jews, and all our ancestors, singing from the same music sheet in perfect harmony. I see people from all over the world, across divisive borders of all the continents of the planet - united in jubilation that the human spirit has survived and triumphed over evil.

In this sweet dream I see homeless people joining the rich, I see the destitute and the blind people embracing each other as they collectively share the relief and the realisation that the course of nature has been restored.

In this dream, which comes always in the stillness of the night, I see a bright shining light that heals the scars of the wounded and restores health to the fragile and the sickly.

In this immune-boosting dream, I see an endless ray of hope and life for all of humanity. In this dream I witness an amazing healing power that completely removes the hopelessness, cruelty and paralysing pain suffered by so many struck down by this virus.

This aspiring dream has been living in my memory for more than 17 years and in continues to keep my confidence level i fighting this disease at an acceptable rate. This is the reason I have to live because I hunger for the day when this becomes a reality.

I sincerely hope that it will happen in my lifetime but I equally accept that even if it is not possible I can be thankful that I have lived the dream.

I am fulfilled in that I have played some part in pursuing this impossible dream in which the lives of all humanity can be preserved without favour and free of prejudice.

My whole life revolves around this dream because I understand that if I lost all hope there would be no reason for me to live.

My infected life revolves around this dream because I believe in the power of the human spirit and I am convinced that humanity will prevail over this present and serious threat to its existence.

Therefore, I call on each and every member of the human race to join me in embracing the possibility of living this dream in a collective effort to save the generations that will come after us.

I believe this dream is possible - whether you or will be there or not.