white teens in hate camp learn to kill

Pertunia Ratsatsi

Pertunia Ratsatsi

Pretoria police have arrested a man they believe is involved in an underground movement that kidnaps white teenagers and teaches them to hate black people on a farm in Limpopo.

The shocking revelations came to light when a 15-year-old schoolboy told how he was taken to the "hate camp" in Naboomspruit and trained to shoot blacks.

The teenager went missing from his Silverton home last Thursday. His mother reported him missing to the police.

"The boy has told how he was given hate lessons and shown how to use of firearms to kill black people. He needs to be debriefed properly," a source said.

Gauteng provincial police spokesman Superintendent Thembi Nkwaswu confirmed the arrest of the man but said that was all they would say.

"We have nothing to add," he said.

She refused to confirm that the camp existed, saying investigations were intense after the arrest and that they hoped to say more once the probe was completed.

The man is thought to be a member of a group of white Afrikaners who operate the "hate camp" with a view to indoctrinating white teenagers with old ultra-right views such as that of the Wit Wolwe.

The boy was kidnapped near his home in Silverton on Thursday.

He was in the street with a friend who regularly goes to the camp. They were both taken away in the arrested man's car.

The boy was allegedly brain-washed to hate black people and not care about dying. He was also taught how to use guns and plant bombs.

The boy was told that the purpose of the training was to kill blacks as soon as former president Nelson Mandela died.