New body wants to get the taxi industry shipshape

I have received a report from a new organisation that wants to improve delivery in the taxi industry.

I have received a report from a new organisation that wants to improve delivery in the taxi industry.

Tlhabologo is an non-profitable organisation that holds workshops for the community, department of transport, education and training authority and Metro Police to look at ways to transform the industry.

A young lady called Devotion says the workshops will improve the industry by transforming delivery and relationships between the stakeholders and by researching the problems peculiar to taxis.

A workshop held on November 21 under the slogan "Your drive, Your life" at the old Vista Campus (University of Johannesburg) in Soweto was specifically aimed at encouraging good relationships between the community, taxi drivers and their associations.

She writes: Mr Kgomo from the Johannesburg Taxi Association sent representatives to our workshop. We had Sergeant Mahlangu and a colleague from Metro, and Mr Mike Mzolo with his colleague from Teta."

Tlhabologo consultants did research in the community to find out if they were satisfied with the taxi service or not.

The research revealed that:

l100% of commuters complain of unsatisfactory customer care from the drivers.

l61% percent say they have been driven by drivers who were drunk.

l90% say passengers should have freedom of choice in taxis.

l96% say not all drivers treat passengers badly.

l97% say they will support a NPO the purpose of which is to put a professional stamp on the taxi industry.

"We presented the poll results to the associations and they promised they would study it and give us feedback."

Tlhabologo asked the drivers what they needed to improve their service.

l40% of drivers want benefits (pension, medical aid).

l60% drivers need security(hijackings, robbery).

l50% want subsidies from the government.

l40% have issues with local buses.

l70% have issues with the Metro Police.

l70% complain of passengers who drink alcohol in the taxi.

The Metro cops said they had a big problem with illegal taxi ranks around Soweto.

The associations said that was mainly caused by the Department of Transport's delay in issuing permits.

"We did not arrive at a solution as most of the questions and answers were aimed at the department of transport, whose representatives did not attend.

"Sergeant Mahlangu suggested that we have another workshop and invite everyone because our taxi industry needs such workshops."

Too true.