is it all over for ramoni?

Bongani Magasela

Bongani Magasela

Simon Ramoni cannot fight on Sunday. In fact, he may never fight again.

That is not just because of his failure to provide Boxing SA with all necessary medical reports.

But it is mainly because the doctor, Peter Chadderton, did not give him a clean bill of health for his 10 rounder with Zolani Tete at the Mdantsane Indoor Centre.

"No he cannot fight," said Chadderton straight up, yesterday. "Talk to Boxing SA, please."

Ramoni's trainer Bokkie Martin, is furious because he says Chadderton does not explain the real reason behind his decision.

"He only says it is for his life. This is frustrating," said Martin.

But Boxing SA's chairman Peter Ngatane explained that BSA ordered Ramoni to go for a full medical examination and that includes neurological tests (dealing with nervous system).

"Ramoni only went for a brain scan, which is not the only medical test but part of the full medical examination," said Ngatane "We want the report of the full medical examination."

Promoter Mzimase Mnguni, who was to stage Ramoni's 10 rounder with Tete, gave a different account on this matter.

"Dr Peter Chadderton told me over the phone last week that Ramoni can fight. I then communicated with BSA and informed them about Chadderton's decision. BSA told me that Chadderton had not passed Ramoni medically," he said.

Boxing SA's demand for a "full" medical examination was a precautionary measure. That was because of many obvious reasons, such as Ramoni's evident loss of balance. Any punch on Ramoni's chin sends him down. His chin has gone too soft.