Banyana bonus welcomed

Linda Moreotsene

Linda Moreotsene

The R10000 bonus that each Banyana Banyana player will get from Safa for their performance at the African Women's Championships is better than nothing.

This is team manager Fran Hilton-Smith's view on what Safa considers fair compensation for a team that has gone out to represent South Africa with excellence and distinction, beating countries such as Cameroon with emphatic scorelines.

"People must understand that while that money might not seem like a lot, anything these girls get is better than nothing," Hilton-Smith said.

Instead of being critical of Safa, Hilton-Smith is calling for the agreement to be revisited and reviewed from this point onwards.

"We need to look to the future. We have now been invited to a major tournament in Cyprus in March next year. It is the biggest we have ever been invited to," said Hilton-Smith.

Eight countries - among them the Netherlands and England - will take part in this tournament.

While the team was playing in Equatorial Guinea, Hilton-Smith's father Jeff Jones died.