Tzaneen puts road safety first

Michael Sakuneka

Michael Sakuneka

The Tzaneen municipality's traffic department has launched Operation Safer Festive Season in a bid to reduce road accidents and improve road safety during the summer holidays.

Tzaneen municipality traffic head Johannes Malatji said traffic officers from the municipality would work with officers from the provincial roads and transport department to patrol various road networks in the area.

The campaign will run from this weekend until after the New Year weekend.

He said traffic officers would focus on roadblocks, speed monitoring and vehicle inspections.

They would also patrol the roads that are expected to carry heavy holiday traffic.

Some of the areas Tzaneen traffic officers will patrol with provincial officers are NkowaNkowa, Lenyenye, Haernetzburg and Letsitele.

The high volume of traffic to the fast-growing town of Tzaneen is becoming a big challenge for his department, which is under pressure because it does not have enough traffic officers.

"We are looking forward to getting 10 new traffic officers in order to provide full service to our people in the town," Malatji said.