Nthabisang Moreosele

The long wait for the matric results will end on December 29.

The last matric papers, electronic technology and mathematics P3, were written on Wednesday.

This year's matriculants were the first to write the new OBE curriculum. The country is waiting anxiously to find out whether the standard of education and the pass rate have improved.

There is a robust debate in the country about the merits and demerits of OBE. Its adversaries say it contributes to the low standard of education and dismal matric pass rate.

The results will be issued to schools first since it is suspected that many matriculants whose names do not appear in the newspapers commit suicide.

"We have a problem with children who kill themselves when they think they have failed," a department official says. "It is preferable to give them the results first.

"Sometimes we find out later that the dead pupil had actually passed but by then the harm has been done."

Schools reopen on January 14 next year.

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