Cope takes Mda off air

Ido Lekota and Anna Majavu

Ido Lekota and Anna Majavu

Anele Mda, leader of the Congress of People youth wing, has been gagged.

On Tuesday Mda was supposed to appear in a debate with Young Communist League leader Buti Manamela on's 3rd Degree.

But Cope members told her to leave the studio because she had been replaced by Nqaba Bhanga.

Cope's head of communication Phillip Dexter said yesterday that after discussions within the youth structure "a decision was taken" that Nqaba should replace Mda.

Dexter said he did not know why Mda went to the studio because she was aware of the new arrangement ahead of the show.

Manamela confirmed the incident concerning Mda being asked to leave the TV studio.

"It was very embarrassing to watch the Cope guys telling Anele to go," he said.

Mda recently embarrassed the Cope leadership when she said that the ANC would legalise rape if Jacob Zuma were elected as national president.