Zuzimpilo does good HIV work

Zinhle Mapumulo

Zinhle Mapumulo

Zuzimpilo Medical Centre celebrated its second anniversary on a happy note recently. The clinic managed to register 2 600 patients in two years.

Zuzimpilo is an initiative of the Perinatal HIV Research Unit funded by USAid. It provides affordable, high-quality healthcare for people who cannot afford private HIV and ARV care.

Motato Leshika, the clinic's project director, said: "We managed to attract 2600 patients and have started 1200 of them on ARVs."

The doctor said: "About 1400 are on our wellness programme.

"Each patient pays R350 toward the costs of their ARV care instead of the R1 200 they would pay if they went to private doctors."

Health Minister Barbara Hogan and US consu-general Andrew Passen visited the centre on its anniversary.

Hogan said: "The government's ability to respond effectively in terms of treatment is hampered by limited resources in the context of increasing numbers needing such treatment.

"The work of Zuzimpilo has our blessing and support as government and health department in particular. Such initiatives give hope in our fight against HIV and Aids in our country."

Passen said: "It is not just the amount of money that makes Pepfar (US president's emergency plan for Aids relief) effective, it is the focus on partnership and the focus on results."

The clinic is very accessible because it is situated in central Johannesburg.

Zuzimpilo is on the 2nd floor of Ansteys Building on the corner of Joubert and Jeppe streets.