Cope is the ANC in another guise

At last we understand the major policy difference between Cope and the ANC. It is, Cope wants inclusive affirmative action. This sounds like no change at all.

My understanding has always been that except for white males, affirmative action has been all-inclusive - and this has been its weakness and the reason it has not benefited the really formerly disadvantaged person.

It benefited white women most, and this is a fact.

What is very strange is that the same people who presided over the implementation of affirmative action for more than ten years thoroughly affirmed and enriched themselves under this system of patronage without a hint that they were against it. They are millionaires today, thanks to affirmative action.

When I saw Mosiuoa Lekota talking to a mainly white audience with such missionary zeal on the subject, I was astounded at the pretensions and gall of politicians. They know with absolute certainty that we South Africans, without exception, are gullible.

An all-inclusive affirmative action is a contradiction. If everyone is affirmed then there is no affirmation and we are back to pre-1994. This is no major policy difference: It is a major sleight of the tongue. Cope is the ANC in another guise.

Thomas Mnguni, Bendor Park