Motau had good taste and even better values

Ruth Motau

Adam Katlawa Motau was a man of impeccable taste. He loved his cigars, wines and fine whiskys.

While travelling the world I bought him those luxuries. He would invite a few friends over to share them. He did not believe in many friends and Victor Maduna was one of his best mates.

He dressed well, was well spoken and had a great sense of humour. My father loved life and the great and wonderful things that came with it. He had guts and spoke his mind.

On September 10, he turned 85. Instead of a big birthday bash, he was admitted to hospital. Since then he had been battling ill health, until he died on Monday.

Dad was born in Modimolle in 1923. He worked hard to take care of his big family. He worked all his life as a lithographer at various printing companies and retired due to ill health.

Whenever we asked for money, he would tell us that "money does not grow on trees" and the only way to get your hands on it is through work.

Adam and Suzan Motau had nine of us and in turn we gave them 22 grandchildren and nine great grandchildren.

Later in life he became blind and his grandchildren and great grandchildren became his best friends. His grandchildren would often cook and they would have a great meal together.

Early in his life he tried boxing, but was beaten so badly he never went back. In 1990 when I asked him to buy me a camera, he bought it without hesitation and I started my career as a photographer.

That was about the time that he started losing his eyesight. An attempt to save his sight failed. My biggest regret is that he could not see my work, but I believe that he saw it with his heart.

Motau will be buried at Wespark Cemetery tomorrow. The service will be held at 802a Thulare Street Zone 2 Meadowlands starts at 7am.