...the award for the best loser is Mfundi Vundla

Zenoyise Madikwa

Zenoyise Madikwa

Generations boss Mfundi Vundla has decided to snub this year's South African Film and Television Awards by rejecting any nomination for the soapie and its dazzling stars.

Vundla has apparently taken the fight back to Safta, who had snubbed him by not having a single winner from Generations last year, despite the fact that it was not only one of the best soapies on local television but boasts some of the best actors in the country.

In a letter addressed to his staff, Vundla reportedly requested that they do not attend the awards function "to avoid creating the impression that Generations in any way supports Safta ..."

Vundla yesterday announced that the country's most popular soapie would not be participating in this year's Safta awards.

"The decision was made as a result of attempts by the SABC to enter Generations in several categories without our knowledge or consent. The Safta awards have not engendered respect from the programme production industry," said Vundla.

Vundla also criticised the judging procedure for not being properly administered or transparent and said politics influenced the adjudication process.

He said that last year the entries were pushed through by the SABC and accepted by Safta after the adjudication process had already been completed.

"As a result of this contempt of our integrity, we made it clear to the SABC that we would not be coerced into entering again and that the Safta awards must first get their house in order."

Vundla complained that certain nominations were "inaccurate or simply absurd".

National Film and Video Foundation spokesman Naomi Mokhele said they knew about the complaint and the foundation was still waiting for an official complaint.

"We have not received any official comment as yet," said Mokhele.

Chairman of the SA Film and Television Awards Committee Eddie Mbalo said Safta had "received, with great disappointment, the intended withdrawal of Generations".

He described Vundla's sentiments as "shocking".