PLEASE PAY: Segale Mogotsi's ex-wife Meiki Molefe. Circa 11/2008. © Unknown.
PLEASE PAY: Segale Mogotsi's ex-wife Meiki Molefe. Circa 11/2008. © Unknown.

Getrude Makhafola

Getrude Makhafola

Metro FM programme manager Segale Mogotsi stands accused of failing to pay his son's school fees but the veteran radio man says the accusation are false.

Mogotsi's ex-wife Meiki Molefe-Mogotsi says she wanted to take the 12 year-old boy back to stay with her, only to discover that Mogotsi has not paid a cent in fees since the beginning of the year.

She says she and Mogotsi divorced in 2003 and she won custody of the child.

"Late last year my son asked me to let him live with his father in Johannesburg.

"I obliged, but the boy has since been unhappy and regrets moving to live with Segale," says Molefe-Mogotsi.

She says that Mogotsi stayed with his two other children as well.

Molefe-Mogotsi says her son complained that his father was barely home, and that sometimes there would be no food in the house.

She says she decided to take the boy back and register him at a new school, but was told to go back and get an assessment report from the school the boy attended this year.

"I was shocked when the school told me that the child owed R6000 in school fees - records showed that he only paid a registration fee in January.

"Segale promised to look after the child while in his care, he failed to honour his promise," says Molefe-Mogotsi.

She says Mogotsi was ducking and diving and did not want to settle the fees.

"I just want my son back, who was given to me by a court of law.

She says the school took the child to social workers after they became suspicious about his home environment.

When Sowetan confronted Mogotsi, he denied his former wife's allegations, saying he had arranged with the school to pay the fees at the end of the year.

"All that is not true, she is an angry woman because I am getting married," he says.

"She wants to take the boy without my consent."