Kingdom Mabuza

Kingdom Mabuza

The ANC government could be on a collision course with the people of Khutsong because of a lack of assurance that the township will be reincorporated into Gauteng.

At the weekend, residents resolved to abstain from voting unless all legislative processes related to their relocation are concluded and signed into law before election day.

But provincial and local government spokesman Vuyelwa Vika told Sowetan yesterday that "the process could take long".

"We will start with public hearings in December, Vika said.

"Residents of Khutsong might be vocal but we must give the entire Merafong areas a chance to state their views.

"After that the matter will be taken to Parliament for the legislative process. If things work out everything willbe fine before the elections.

"But we cannot predict how long the process will take. In the meantime, the minister is in constant touch with affected residents."

Khutsong community leader Jomo Mogale said while residents trusted the government, "they have to make an official undertaking. At the moment we only have a verbal assurance".

He said the ANC would be voted in overwhelmingly in Khutsong "but we want to vote for a Gauteng premier candidate, not a candidate from North West".

"The ANC must just focus on moving the process along fast and not worry about coming to canvass in Khutsong," Mogale said. "This township is the base of the ANC and nobody will change that."

He said residents had also resolved not to allow other parties, particularly the Congress of the People (Cope), to canvass in Khutsong.

Residents disrupted local government elections in 2006 to protest against the government's decision to move them from Gauteng to North West.