Luzuko Pongoma

Luzuko Pongoma

The Gauteng government has promised to give individual attention to poverty-stricken families in Kagiso, West Rand, after a visit by social development MEC Kgaogelo Lekgoro.

"We are not just going to visit homes, Lekgoro said on Saturday. "We are going to make sure that people get help and, if necessary, that the help continues.

"We need to approach the war on poverty holistically if we want to win it quickly."

Lekgoro said the effect of the fight against poverty was not felt quickly enough because departments work separately.

"We assess the home as a whole. Then we strive to solve problems simultaneously so that a family can see the change in their lives," he said.

Lekgoro urged people not to wait for officials to visit them but to go to government departments and ward councillors to seek help.

He said his department would isolate communities that are hit hard by poverty and make interventions by involving all government departments that can help.

Nophakade Ndinkinda, an unemployed mother of four, said she was happy that the MEC had visited her home and she hoped he would fulfil his promise quickly.

"My husband and I are unemployed and we depend on the R480 monthly child support grant of our two young children," Ndinkinda said.

She said she wanted a job because it would enable her to support her family and not depend on the government.

Julia Goitsemang, also unemployed, shares a two-roomed shack with her two daughters and three grandchildren.

"I hope to see change and get a house because I have been living in this shack for 12 years," she said.