Is government or ANC ruling this country?

It is dangerous when the government becomes an ANC agency and when people have to produce their party membership cards to obtain services.

Whenever people have problems they run to the ANC's headquarters. This tendency has increased embarrassingly after the new ANC leadership took over.

The ANC has willy-nilly intervened on issues of governance just because it can.

Earlier, its general-secretary went to Khutsong, following the Constitutional Court ruling that adequate consultation did take place prior to the decision to move Merafong municipality to North West. This has set a very bad precedent.

That is why Hillbrow residents marched to Luthuli House instead of the City of Joburg to demand that evictions be stopped. Eviction, like demarcation, is an issue of governance that should be dealt with by designated people. Lines between governance and party politics have blurred.

The government is tasked with service delivery for all South Africans and should be accountable to Parliament.

Khutsong and other issues such as Moutse, Matatiele and now Hillbrow, require governance and government should operate in a manner that would make its functioning easy and effective.

The government is slowly becoming an agent of a party that has less than a million members.

Jacques Julius, Randfontein