New kid on block wins big

Nthabisang Moreosele

Nthabisang Moreosele

Insurance company B3 has won a top award in skills training in its sector of large companies.

A relative newcomer to the insurance business, B3 was named the excellent achievers in Good Practice in Skills Development for this year.

"We decided to comply with the target set by the department of labour in 2004 to develop and improve our employees' skills," said Prieska Kekana, head of human resources at B3.

"We set up a training committee and a skills developer.

"We decided on the numbers we wanted to train.

"We trained our employees and when we succeeded we looked outside and started training our employees' unemployed relatives.

"We also invited our clients' children who did not have jobs. Last year we had 13 trainees.

"The company then turned around and employed all of them and so reduced the unemployment rate."

Kekana said their company won the Inseta large company group category. She said what was really gratifying was that they were nominated by the other companies.

"We received a trophy and an award," Kekana said.

She said the company had already made plans for further training in the new year.

"Next year we are planning to train staff in financial management, especially for our agents.

The rest of the staff will go through courses in customer services, again with Intec, for three months or so," Kekana said.