mission possible MAN

Victor Mecoamere

Victor Mecoamere

Be optimistic, purposeful and never stop dreaming.

This is the message from a young man who intends to cycle from Pretoria to Cape Town in 36 days. He tags his feat Mission Possible.

Mxolisi Vuyo Mdletshe is on an unusual jaunt, off the beaten track - so to speak.

He says: "The goal of the exercise, which kicked off on November 1 and is due to end on December 6, is to create hope in a complex world, to motivate people, particularly the youth, to take actions resulting in them increasing value in their own lives and also in how they interact and enhance their immediate environment and South Africa, our beautiful country."

Mdletshe's focus is on education. He intends preaching the education gospel on community radio and television stations and newspapers during stopovers through Gauteng, Free State, Northern Cape and in the Western Cape.

Before stressing that everyone is welcome to join him on his journey, Mdletshe, who is reading for a BCom degree at Unisa, says: "We need to realise, one and all - especially young people - that the government alone cannot transform the country and that each one of us has to play a role because after all, we the people are the government."

He adds: "We are using a video camera to capture and document the unfolding events, to study and understand the underlying issues preventing South Africans from believing, integrating and succeeding.

"This programme is designed to inspire, define new possibilities, create a new platform to talk directly to people, especially my fellow youths - together with whom we can start defining new social strategies for the South African dream.

"Raising awareness and fighting stereotypes is meant to ignite the passion and the ability to dream big, successfully chase dreams and achieve big things in small and large ways.

"Our primary goal is to raise awareness, not money, but money will help us get the exposure we need to raise funds to make Mission Possible a success so we can donate to charities that promote education, particularly targeting youths studying towards and at tertiary level," Mdletshe says.

Wanna lend a hand? Then touch base with Mr Mission Possible or cycle with him for a km, two or more. Call him on 082-059-2912 or call his office at 011-783-6037 or email zulus@mweb.co.za.