DENIED BAIL: Constable Hlanganani Nxumalo faces eight charges of attempted murder. 20/11/08. © Unknown.
DENIED BAIL: Constable Hlanganani Nxumalo faces eight charges of attempted murder. 20/11/08. © Unknown.

Sne Masuku

Sne Masuku

A policeman who shot out the tyre of a car that did not get out of his way fast enough has changed the lives of her family, said the mother of the three victims.

Two of Kantharuby Munsamy's children have been released from hospital, but the third still remains.

The young musicians from Pietermaritzburg and three of their friends were injured after a member of the VIP protection unit allegedly fired a shot at their vehicle.

Munsamy said the family was trying to put the incident behind them.

"I am still very traumatised. My day now revolves around taking care of my two children at home in-between running to the hospital. It's hectic and I cannot wait for them to recover so our lives can return to normal," she said yesterday.

On Wednesday, Constable Hlanganani Nxumalo was denied bail at the Camperdown magistrate's court where he faces eight counts of attempted murder in connection with Saturday's shooting on the N3 highway.

He was a passenger in a VIP protection vehicle speeding to pick up social development MEC Meshack Radebe. The driver of the police car flashed his blue light indicating that vehicles ahead should move out of the fast lane. Nxumalo allegedly fired a shot at a car that did not give way fast enough because it was passing a truck.

Investigating officer Jerome Mngadi told the court that the victims had told him they would feel unsafe if Nxumalo was granted bail.

Munsamy said: "Our lives were normal, now the incident has put me and my family under a lot of stress.

"The incident has changed our lives. I have put everything on hold and must focus my energies on getting my children better," Munsamy said.

She said only one child, a matric student, was able to write his exams.

"The others have not been able to write. They are out of hospital, but they are still very weak. The school has assured me that it will do everything it can to ensure they write their exams when they return," Munsamy said.

Meanwhile, investigations are continuing and police say they may still arrest the driver of the VIP protection vehicle.

Transport MEC Bheki Cele was expected to meet members of the VIP protection unit next Wednesday to warn them about their behaviour.