It takes two to have sex, Africa

Gugu Sibiya

Gugu Sibiya

While Arica is complaining about how boring Big Brother Africa 3 is, the reality is that some adventurous housemates have taken the show to the next level.

Who would have thought that BBA3 would produce some of the raunchiest housemates ever?

The horny triangle of Munya, Tawana and Ricco shattered the myth that Africa is puritan. Who would have thought that a girl from Botswana, one of the strictest countries on the continent, would administer oral sex to one housemate, have sex with two friends, and remain unrepentant?

Most people blasted a sex- starved Ofuneka from BBA2 when she responded hungrily to Richard's foreplay. She had behaved exemplarily until she succumbed to feelings she had not felt in the three months she was enclosed in that house.

Meanwhile, extroverts like Lerato, who was openly affectionate with Max, had dabbled with lovemaking under the sheets. So did Richard and Tatiana.

Typically, Africa could not stomach Tawana's tabby-catting, hence her expulsion from the house. She is suffering the same fate Tatiana did. The continent is ready to forgive bad sexual behaviour in the house from any man but will not tolerate such "indiscretion" from any woman .

What remains to happen is getting rid of Munya and Ricco, who are just as guilty of the raunchy sex sins. After all Tawana did not play with herself but spread her legs for Munya and Ricco, the idiots who still kiss and tell in this day and age.