Cops bust theft ring

Penwell Dlamini

Penwell Dlamini

Police in Silverton, Pretoria, have arrested five people, three of whom were out on bail, and recovered stolen goods valued at R300000.

The police received information at midnight on Tuesday about a house in Mamelodi West with stolen goods.

They rushed to the place and found a 23-year-old woman alone in the house with suspected stolen goods.

The goods included laptops, digital cameras, cellphones and car keys. They arrested her.

"The woman told us that she would take us to the house where the man who brings the goods stays," said police spokesman Captain Shawane Sepato.

Police then drove with her to another house, also in Mamelodi West, where they found a 31-year-old man with other stolen goods. He too was arrested.

The goods included cellphones, video games, players and television sets.

"The suspect said he did not want to go down alone, and so he took us to another house in Mamelodi, but no one was found in the house," said Sepato.

"He said he would take us to the house of his friend, who is also involved in crime."

Police then drove to the house in Nellmapius, Pretoria, where they found a 26-year-old man with his girlfriend. Police arrested the couple after finding them with stolen goods, which included plasma screens and a VW Microbus.

While police were on the scene the other man who was not found at his house earlier drove by and was spotted by his friends.

H e later handed himself in and was charged with defeating the ends of justice.