The Game finds a gem

Mandla Motau

Mandla Motau

International hip-hop multiplatinum superstar The Game is willing to work with South African artists.

Though he has not managed to see much local talent, he has found one young rough jewel he calls Game Boy, whom he would like to sign to his label Black Wall Street.

Ten-year-old Nelisizwe, of Diepkloof in Soweto, could pin down all the star's songs at the Road to Mama's concert at the Standard Bank Arena last week.

Game Boy finished The Game's set and got more than his three minutes of fame, bringing the house down in the process. He also earned himself a trademark necklace from the Compton star.

Arriving more than two hours late for a press conference in Sandton earlier that day, with an entourage as big as an African village, The Game soon took over and had journalists eating out of his hands.

"I am always willing to collaborate with anybody," he said about local opportunities.

He also talked about his fallout with 50 Cent, "who had his back against the wall" and said: "I hate that he's trying to take away food from me and my kids" and that he "tried to Ja Rule me".

He dispelled rumours that he might make an appearance on Dr Dre's delayed coming album Detox.

"I haven't spoken to Dre in more than a year and haven't seen him for years. Even if he invited me to appear on Detox I would decline," he said.

He conducted a workshop with Goapele, Bongani Fassie and Da Les, which was attended by 100 high-achieving pupils from Gauteng high schools as part of the Be a Legend initiative. It focused on substance abuse, violence and teenage pregnancy.

He said he had no parents and grew up in a foster home.

"I know how it is. Every time I see a child struggling I step in. It keeps me happy, so I continue doing it."