Return of joyful, delish trilogy



The Return of the Joyful Trilogy

It is with a heavy heart that I realise that Christmas is right around the corner.

Yet again we must troll the malls and find gifts for those special people in our lives. Which isn't such a bad thing in theory. The problem is you can buy someone slippers so many times, after a while it just gets rude.

This year, however, the search for the perfect gift gets a whole lot easier, because Cadbury is releasing its Joyful Trilogy.

The Trilogy consists of two new flavours - Toffee Truffle and Mint Truffle. Both of which rest on a royal layer of dark chocolate and are then dunked in decadent Dairy Milk Chocolate.

And just in case that tag team is not enough to knock you out and send you drifting into sweet tooth heaven, the trilogy is made complete with the comeback of a much missed friend. Drum roll please.The Triple Chocolate Slab.

For the unenlightened, this beauty is a deadly chocolate truffle-centred slab.

These chocolates taste so good I suspect that I will be giving away empty chocolate wrappings to my friends and family instead.

Alternatively, perhaps it would be a good idea to supplement a gift like this with a gym membership for the new year because these new delicacies are truly irresistible.

Cadbury Three Wishes is now available in a 100g slab nationwide for a recommended selling price of R9,99..while stocks last!