No one deserves BBA3 megabucks

BORING: Hazel. 19/11/08. © Unknown.
BORING: Hazel. 19/11/08. © Unknown.

Gugu Sibiya

Gugu Sibiya

If it was up to me, I would have just purged Big Brother Africa 3 of everyone this past Sunday.

Tawana deserved the boot that has landed her on her goat farm. Munya and Ricco, who have emerged the worst skunks, should have just followed suit.

They are not deserving of the $100 000 that is at stake. They treat women like trash and we don't want people with cat morals going around representing us in whatever form.

Don't misunderstand me. Tawana is a big girl who knew what she was doing when she serviced two men at the same time in the BBA3 house. She must hold the record for generosity.

As much as the money seems set to go to Malawi, it does not mean Hazel is more deserving. For all three months she sat in the house and did nothing.

She looked pretty and continuously fuelled women's envy for her lovely hair as she fried, roasted and stewed it in as many styles as she could muster in the house. She is a pretty but undeniably boring woman. Her only saving grace is her high moral values. Unfortunately Thami, who had to put up with her, might just disagree.

As for Zimbabwean Munya, he must never smell the dollars. His trip to Finland, though barren and devoid of excitement, made him so cocky he thinks he owns the world.

I suppose the fact that we are so emotive about the game is an indication that boring as it is, it has provided a distraction from some stress.