Fitting tyre safety bands could save many lives

Mabuyane Kekana

Mabuyane Kekana

We could soon wake up to news that all minibus taxis, trucks and buses must be fitted with tyre safety bands.

Parliament is currently consulting stake holders about the introduction of legislation requiring all public transport vehicles to be fitted with the bands.

Speaking to Sowetan, Reggie Nyanda, a director of Protectall Tyre Bands, said his company was excited about the development.

Since its launch early last year, use of the company's protectall product has helped greatly in preventing road accidents.

Protectall tyre bands are made of aluminium and are fitted in the wall of the wheel rim. This prevents the tyre from slipping off the rim in the event of a sudden deflation or blow out.

Nyanda said his company was currently fitting the bands to vehicles at Putco and Gauteng Coaches as well as other major bus companies.

"We are in negotiations with government departments to fit some of their cars and we have fitted Gauteng provincial government pool cars," said Nyanda.

If legislation requiring tyre bands is passed, the 10 000 lives lost to road accidents each year could be reduced.

With Protectall fitted tyres steering and braking control would be increased, which would allow for travel at up to 25kmh higher speeds.

This is an affordable option for run-flat tyres fitted on more sophisticated cars that have a tyre monitoring system.

If things go his way, Nyanda will also be fitting the bands to KwaZulu-Natal ambulances.

Major organisations that have associated themselves with Protectall Tyre Bands include the Retail Motor Industry Organisation, the South African National Defence Force and the SAPS among others.