Cape Town hosts film celebration

Patience Bambalele

Patience Bambalele

The city of Cape Town has once again proved that it is the heart and soul of film festivals.

First the Sithengi International Film Festival attracted thousands of film-makers to Cape Town. And now, the Parliament Film Festival (PFF) is in its third year.

PFF started on Sunday and runs until Friday. The festival is staged in partnership with the National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF) and Parliament Millenium Project.

Since its inception, the festival has maintained its objective to highlight the cross-cultural and diverse nature of the content that is being explored by local film-makers.

NFVF chief executive, Eddie Mbalo, said: "In line with the objectives to build bridges of understanding among South Africans, I am happy that some of the movies being screened have reached audiences in disadvantaged areas.

"Through NFVF outreach programmes in the form of national and provincial film festivals, we are moving closer to our long-term objective to transform the traditional film industry to reflect the interest and preferences of all people," Mbalo said.

Zubeida Shaik of Parliament Millenium Project said: "The purpose of this festival is to showcase and celebrate the fruits of local industry, and create a platform for dialogue between the industry and the parliamentary community."

Films scheduled for the festival include: More Than Just A Game, Nothing But the Truth, Confessions of A Gambler, Zimbabwe, Angels on our Shoulders, Baraka - Blessing, Burning Man, The World Unseen and Asikhulume.