Bogus college pay row

Vusi Ndlovu

Vusi Ndlovu

Staff at the African Gainako Poverty Alleviation Project say they have not been paid, although chief executive officer Sane Salif makes a lot of money through his pyramid scheme college.

The employees are so fed-up with the Senegalese national that they had planned a strike yesterday, but abandoned it because Salif had gone to North West, where he is understood to be negotiating to open a branch of his bogus college.

Disgruntled staff members, who asked not to be identified, said Salif was collecting up to R7000 a day at one of his several institutions.

"It is very sad that he is not paying us, though he has a lot of money. We count it. Sometimes we don't collect anything, but towards month-ends, we are able to collect more than R7000 in one day from students who are buying notes and paying for certificates," said the employees.

They said that when they complained about their pay, Salif told them they were volunteers and were free to go.

"He sometimes gives us R70 each for transport. We have children and rent to pay. He promised us salaries of R3000 but said we must also market the centre by bringing in 10 new students to enrol.

"We would be paid a commission. We did that and he told us we were taking people who had come voluntarily to register," staff said.

They said Salif's college had seven branches in Gauteng and Mpumalanga.

They said they had believed that Salif's institution was genuine until last week when a lawyer for the Sector Education and Training Authority, Abdul Funnah, confronted him about his illegal use of the Seta's logo in his fake certificates.