Stinking toilet stops prissy cops from retrieving genitals

Alex Matlala

Alex Matlala

Police in Nebo are being held back from retrieving the genitals of a mutilated five-year-old boy from a toilet full of faeces.

The boy's mother, who confessed to killing him and slicing off his genitals, told the police in Nebo last Wednesday that she threw the boy's penis, scrotum and ear in the toilet.

But eight days later the finicky cops have still not retrieved the boy's genitals from the toilet.

A police source said yesterday that police were delaying the demolition of the toilet and searching for the boy's genitals among the faeces because of the stench.

On Sunday Nebo police spokesman Maboke Lediga said officers could not retrieve the body parts because it was raining.

The murder case against Irene Lekgeu, the boy's mother, has been postponed twice because police have not been able to provide any evidence other than the suspect's confession. She was denied bail until further investigations are completed.