Mckeed Kotlolo

Mckeed Kotlolo

A Moutse teacher is incensed after losing her housing subsidy and investments, including insurance policies, because of the government's controversial forced incorporation of provinces.

Leenetje Makgatho, 52, of Njinga Sindane Primary School in Dennilton, formerly in Mpumalanga, said her woes began when the government incorporated Moutse into Limpopo in March 2006.

She lost her R85000 life insurance policy, which lapsed when the Limpopo education department abruptly stopped making payments towards her policy.

The insurance company subsequently cancelled the policy in January last year.

Her R500 monthly housing subsidy was also cancelled after being paid only from June until December 2006.

Makgatho said she had visited and written to all relevant department of education offices, provincially and nationally, but to no avail.

"All my investments and life policies were about 10 years old. I have lost all that just because of government foolhardiness," she charged.

A woman soccer development officer in the district, Sithembile Mthombeni, 55, who holds numerous coaching and leadership development certificates, has been left jobless because she was outspoken against the incorporation.

Mthombeni blamed the lack of development of sports facilities on the unilateral incorporation of Moutse into Limpopo.

Other disgruntled residents included Kulie Vilakazi, chairman of the Elias Motswaledi Nafcoc branch, who accused the Limpopo government of doing "nothing for Moutse people except create more problems for us".

"Nothing is going right," Vilakazi said. "There is no development. Moutse contracts are given to people from outside and we only come in as sub-contractors."

Teachers, pupils, taxi operators, pensioners and other residents called for the immediate reincorporation of Moutse into Mpumalanga.

Dennilton Taxi Association officials said the incorporation had brought suffering and loss of income.