Cop shoots wife dead then takes own life

Chester Makana

Chester Makana

The police are investigating a murder case in which a traffic official allegedly shot his wife dead before turning the gun on himself in Louis Trichadt on Tuesday.

An inquest docket into the incident has been opened.

The police said that when the children of the deceased couple returned from school they stayed outside, not knowing that their parents were dead in the house.

Louis Trichadt police spokesman Captain Maano Sadike said the bodies of the Pad Kamp couple were found in a pool of blood on Tuesday. The gun used in the killing was found between the dead officer's legs.

Sadike said the traffic officer shot his wife several times before shooting himself in the head.

It is said that when the children realised it was getting late they sought refuge at a neighbour's house, telling them that there was no one at home.

When the neighbours peeped through the window they saw the two bodies lying on the floor.