Cops arrest pregnant woman for 'lying'

Getrude Makhafola

Getrude Makhafola

The factory in Leondale in Ekurhuleni looks like an old abandoned building with no signage outside.

But inside the dark building that used to be a liquor store, four employees sweat as they fry and spice potato crisps.

This is the home of George's Home Made Crisps - with no ventilation, the hot air inside is filled with the smell of boiling oil.

"He does not allow us to open this door, we have to keep it closed but it is hot and noisy inside here. It's a very terrible situation we work under," said one employee who refused to be named.

Sowetan visited the factory yesterday after a pregnant Gabisile Khambule complained that her employer and owner of the crisp factory, George Menez, had her arrested after she laid a charge of assault against him.

Khambule, 24, said last month Menez pushed a table against her tummy. She said he accused her of breaking a machine she was operating.

"I tried to explain to him that it was already broken when I started operating it but he would not listen.

"He pushed a table I was leaning against into my tummy, and a few minutes later I was in pain and decided to see a doctor."

Her doctor said in a letter that the examination "revealed a swollen bladder and abdominal skin swelling which was in keeping with trauma to the abdomen - object strike injury".

Khambule then opened a case at Alberton police station.

Khambule said that instead of Menez being arrested, the police told her that there was no evidence and that she should stop being stubborn and drop the case.

"They played a video footage but it did not show the incident although the camera was just above our heads that day," she said.

Khambule said she was then arrested and charged with perjury.

She was released on R300 bail.

Menez said that Khambule was lying. "The matter is with the police now, I have everything to show that what she said was not true."