All to blame for moral decline

A few individuals should not be blamed for our moral decline.

A few individuals should not be blamed for our moral decline.

It goes beyond political leadership. Individualism, material success and appearance have become too important, though they are the same qualities that got us to where the country is today.

It is a societal problem and everyone is implicated. It is important, when raising this matter, that people do not come across as not being part of a collective.

It is a symptom gone wrong in our culture and values. People who steal, kill, divorce or incite violence and abuse alcohol make front page headlines and are worshipped.

A child growing up in this environment will find it easy to say a precedent has been set, even if the behaviour offends all South Africans.

People who are elected to positions are from different communities and if their behaviour does not conform to expected behaviour, it means that these communities directly or indirectly contributed to the behaviour.

It would be helpful when debating these issues to look at how, as South Africans, we can protect the public interest and instil values of ubuntu and a caring nation.

Schools and communities should have a role to play but pointing fingers will not help.

Jabulani Sibanyoni, Hatfield